Services Selection Board (SSB) Training

India's Premier SSB Training Academy for Defence Services Selection
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SSB Training Academy is India's premier professional training center located in Coimbatore, led by senior Ex-Army and Ex-SSB officers. We have been providing an intensive coaching programme since 2006 covering the full SSB syllabus and selection process for selection as a Class 1 gazetted officer of the Indian Army or Navy or Air Force Officer.  We train you in an intensive, guaranteed and personalized program in both our indoor and outdoor facilities so that you are thoroughly trained in all the tests and obstacles. 

We bring to bear over two decades of experience and countless success stories in helping ensure prospective candidates achieve their dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces.  The SSB selection process is one of the toughest selection programs in the world. It is a well designed and integrated testing process that tests every aspect of your leadership ability to serve as an officer.  Successfully passing the SSB test requires a dedicated, focused professional training program like ours. We shall arm you with the, knowledge, tools, techniques and strategies to pass the interview process with flying colors. 

We  provide a variety of training programs for selection as an officer in the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or  IGRUA (Commercial Pilot) irrespective of your goal of  joining  NDA,  IMA, OTA, ACC, SL, Naval Academy,  Air Force Academy, Coast Guard or IGRUA. 

We have a very high success rate and let us help you achieve your dreams like many other students of ours, who are currently serving as officers in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force!  Our personalized programme is designed to ensure your success in each stage of the 5 day selection process as described below:

Day 1 - Screening Day
a. Intelligence Tests - Verbal and Non-Verbal
b. Picture Preception Test and Discussion Test (PPDT)

Day 2 - Psyche Day
a. Word Association Test
b. Thematic Appreciation Test
c. Situation Reaction Test
d. Self Descritpion Test

Day 3 - GTO 1 Series
a. Group Discussions 1 and 2
b. Group Planing Exercise
c. Progressive Group Task
d. Group Obstacle Race
e. Half Group Task
f. Lecturatte

Day 4 - GTO 2 Series
a. Command Task
b. Individual Obstacles
c. Final Group Task

Note - In any one of the afternoon of the above tasks, Interview by the President or Vice President shall be conducted

Day 5 - Conference
Results shall be declared after this.

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